What If 'Star Wars' Had an Animated Spinoff in the '80s? (Video)

Star Wars Anime Screengrab - H 2013
<p>Star Wars Anime Screengrab - H 2013</p>   |   Shamoozal/Nacho Punch
Take a peek at the greatest Saturday morning cartoon never made.

One of the saddest things about the earliest flushes of Star Wars' success was that -- after-the-fact Ewoks and Droids spinoffs aside -- the franchise never had the Saturday morning cartoon that it so richly deserved. Until now.

Star Wars: The Lost 1980s Anime, a parody video animated by Shamoozal for Nacho Punch, may not be a note-perfect re-creation of the mid-80s animated wonder that the world was robbed of -- the animation is a little bit too simple for that, sadly -- but it does suggest some of the greatness that we missed out on.

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Also, if Disney and Lucasfilm want to license an official animated series that comes complete with a Centurions-esque transformation for Luke Skywalker as he "activates" his Jedi powers, I wouldn't say no. That was even more fun than the Voltron combination of Luke's X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon.

Watch the video below. In a perfect world, this would have been nestled between the original G.I. Joe and Transformers cartoons.