What if Tony Stark Created the Hulk?

Original Sin Iron Man Hulk Promo - P 2014
<p>Original Sin Iron Man Hulk Promo - P 2014</p>   |   Courtesy of J.G. Jones/Marvel Entertainment
Marvel Entertainment teases a connection between Iron Man's alter ego and the origin of the Hulk as part of the summer "Original Sin" comic book storyline.

Marvel Entertainment has teased one of the secrets to be revealed by the upcoming Original Sin storyline running through its superhero titles beginning next month, and it’s one that might have a sizable impact on two of the company’s most iconic characters: What if Tony Stark was responsible for the creation of the Incredible Hulk?

That’s the subject under investigation in the four-part series that had been announced as Original Sin #3.1-3.4, and is now being re-titled as Original Sin: Iron Man vs. Hulk, by Mark Waid, Kieron Gillen, Mark Bagley and Luke Ross. Whether the answer to the question is "yes" is “not what you would expect, but neither is it a cheat,” said Waid.

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“It's safe to say that a lot of this story is Tony trying to dive deep into this investigation and yet be careful about what he shares with Bruce," Waid told USA Today about the series, which launches in June. "You never know with Bruce what's going to set him off.”

This isn’t the first time that Marvel has teased a major change to the origins of a core character known as much for movie appearances than comic books; Gillen’s own Iron Man series completed a storyline last year that revealed that Tony Stark was, in fact, adopted and that Howard Stark’s true son, Arno, had been raised in secret for decades.

If this revelation turns out to be genuine in the comic books, it’ll be interesting to see if it moves over to the movie franchise. We already know that Iron Man and the Hulk will face off in Avengers: Age of Ultron -- could this be a potential reason why … ?