Where's Superman When Jimmy Olsen Needs Him? (Exclusive Preview)

It's not a good time to be either Superman or his best friend, Jimmy Olsen, as the opening of next week's "Superman Unchained" #4 reveals.
Jim Lee/DC Entertainment

It's not easy being Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen. Not only do you have to keep wearing a watch when everyone else has just moved on to using their smartphones -- seriously, would it kill Superman to invent a signal watch app? -- but people keep kidnapping you in order to get to the Man of Steel. And they insist on calling you "Jimmy" like some little kid.

At least Lex Luthor haves enough respect for Olsen to call him "Jim" in this exclusive preview of Superman Unchanined #4, by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. Admittedly, he also seems to have a plan that might involve doing something nefarious to Olsen's hand. At least he won't be called "Jimmy" while being maimed.

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Obviously, Superman would save his buddy if he could, but it turns out he's kind of busy dealing with a robotic threat with the help of the mysterious Wraith -- who, it turns out, has just revealed that he'll be killing Superman as soon as their team-up is over. Superhero'ing is such a tough, unforgiving business these days.

Superman Unchained will be released next Wednesday. Until then, enjoy these opening pages.