Who Is Pedro Pascal Playing in 'Wonder Woman 1984'?

WW84 - Screengrab - H 2018
Twitter/Patty Jenks
Never trust a 1980s businessman, Diana.

The first glimpse of Narcos actor Pedro Pascal in Wonder Woman 1984 has been released, and it’s very on-brand for the decade that brought the world Wall Street, American Psycho and the very idea of the yuppie.

As revealed Monday by director Patty Jenkins via Twitter — accompanied by the phrase “Can’t…Stop… Watching… @PedroPascal1 !!!” — the actor looks every inch the 1980s businessman, with a colorful three-piece pinstripe suit and an unconvinced look on his face for reasons yet to be revealed.

Some fans on social media have taken the tease as a sign that Pascal will be playing Maxwell Lord in the movie. Officially, Pascal’s role is under wraps, but Lord would be a fascinating addition to the cinematic Wonder Woman mythos. Debuting in 1987’s Justice League No. 1, the comic book Lord was a smooth businessman would manipulate heroes into joining a new version of the super-team that he was connected to as part of a nefarious, if ultimately well-meaning, plan to save the world.

Decades later, he would be revealed to be a paranoid megalomaniac who tried to take over the world to “save” it from superheroes, resulting in Wonder Woman being forced to murder him — an act that put her at odds with both Superman and Batman and tore the Justice League apart.

Wonder Woman 1984 sees Gal Gadot and Chris Pine reprise their roles from the first installment alongside Kristen Wiig, who plays Barbara Minerva, AKA the Cheetah. The movie is scheduled for release Nov. 1, 2019.