Who Is YouTube's #1 Superhero?

As part of its ongoing "Geek Week," YouTube ranks the most popular superheroes on the site in terms of how many times people have searched for them. Bad news, Aquaman.
Ben Rothstein/Twentieth Century Fox

Any superhero fan who has spent time following the exploits of their favorite characters knows that inter-hero competition is an important part of the genre. Questions like "Could the Thing beat up the Hulk?" and "What if the Justice League and the Avengers fought each other?" have been the basis for stories throughout the years, but now there's a new way in which titans can clash: YouTube rankings.

As part of YouTube's Geek Week, the Google site has compiled a chart of its 10 most searched-for superheroes (or superheroic teams). The results are, on one level, entirely unsurprising -- eight of the top 10 have starred in their own movies in the last few years, and the remaining two are not only rumored to have movies in some process of preproduction, but also have enjoyed their own transmedia successes through the years.

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(Curiously absent are the X-Men; Wolverine makes an appearance, but the rest of his team doesn't. Is it a sign that X-Men: First Class has already faded in many people's memories, or that all most people wanted from that team was Hugh Jackman in the first place? You decide.)

Whether or not this simply means that more movie success means more YouTube traffic, or merely that characters like the Flash, Blue Beetle and Nova need better PR, remains to be seen -- at least until YouTube reruns this poll in the wake of next year's Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and we see if they dominate the list.

The rankings were:

  1. Batman  3,000,000,000 Views, 71,000 Hours of Video
  2. Thor  2,100,000,000 Views, 66,000 Hours of Video
  3. Superman  1,700,000,000 Views, 14,000 Hours of Video
  4. Iron Man  1,400,000000 Views, 20,000 Hours of Video
  5. The Avengers  1,000,000,000 Views, 31,000 Hours of Video
  6. Wolverine  540,000,000 Views, 7,800 Hours of Video
  7. Spider-Man  340,000,000 Views, 7,400 Hours of Video
  8. Captain America  280,000,000 Views, 4,900 Hours of Video
  9. Justice League  220,000,000 Views, 3,200 Hours of Video
  10. Deadpool  200,000,000 Views, 8,900 Hours of Video