Will 2014 See the Return of the Wonder Twins?

A New York comic store shares mysterious poster teasing an unexpected revival from DC Entertainment. But is it real?
Midtown Comics

Shape of a hoax! Form of a mystery! Wonder Twin movie powers -- obfuscate!

New York comic store Midtown Comics received an unexpected poster in the mail yesterday, featuring two fists bumping below a large "W," with the tagline "Activate 2014." Wait. "Activate"? A fist bump…?

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(Let's take a second to ask ourselves: What kind of mind comes up with "Form of an ice unicycle." I mean, seriously. What is that all about?)

The caption accompanying the Midtown Comics photograph read "This poster was sent to us in an official Warner Bros. tube. What does it mean?! #WonderTwins?"

The poster -- which includes both the DC Comics and WB logos -- really does appear to be teasing a Wonder Twins project of some sort for 2014, naming both Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher as being somehow involved.

The project seems so clearly a hoax that it almost loops around the other side. Even if Warner Bros. decided to revive the obscure comedy sidekicks from the 1970s Super Friends show, what are the odds that it could be done with Kunis and Kutcher, without anyone knowing until now, and still be ready for 2014?

Could there really be some kind of Wonder Twins revival next year? And if so, where -- and perhaps more importantly, why?