Will 'Batman vs. Superman' Feature Bat Drones?

Was a "Batman vs. Superman" spoiler shared on Twitter last week -- or just another moment of fan speculation?
Jae Lee/DC Entertainment

Are Warner Bros. executives leaking information about Batman vs. Superman on social media? The idea seems particularly unlikely, but it's one that's gained a certain amount of currency online after Daniel Alter, a producer with ties to Warners, tweeted out what may have been a spoiler for the Man of Steel sequel.

On Friday, Alter -- who has produced The Apparition and is said to be developing a Johnny Quest project for the studio -- tweeted about his excitement for the 2015 superhero slugfest:

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The snippet was immediately jumped on by the Internet as a sign of what's to come. While it's possible that Alter has some insider knowledge on the much-anticipated 2015 feature, however, it's just as likely that this was Alter's hoped-for elements for the movie, based on the "older, semi-retired Batman" information that's been officially released.

Certainly, both the "not speaking to Robin anymore" and "controlling drones from the Batcave" elements come from well-known comic book storylines -- most noticeably, Mark Waid's and Alex Ross' Kingdom Come -- which means that this could be drawn more on "wish list" thinking than anything actually in the movie.

Whether or not Alter's speculation turns out to be true -- my money is on "not," but we'll see in 2015 -- the reception of his tweet has proven one thing: People are apparently interested enough in finding out more about this movie that they'll read into anything hinting at revelations. Here's hoping the enthusiasm lasts for the next couple of years.