Will Batman's Sidekick Return in 'Robin Rises: Omega'?

Little over a year after the much-publicized death of the last Boy Wonder, DC Entertainment announces a July release for a comic hinting at Robin's revival.
Andy Kubert/DC Entertainment

Damien Wayne may have died in last year’s Batman, Incorporated #8, but that doesn’t mean Batman will be without a Robin for his 75th-anniversary year. This July sees the release of Robin Rises: Omega, with writer Peter Tomasi stating emphatically, “we are most definitely bringing back a Robin for Batman’s 75th anniversary.”

“There’s no gimmicks,” Tomasi told the L.A. TimesHero Complex blog about the issue, which spins out of the ongoing storyline in the writer’s Batman and Robin monthly series. He also says that anyone who thinks that Damien is returning to life is making “a biiiiggg assumption,” although he admitted that “anyone coming back from the dead, be it in comics or in real life, would most likely result in some changes that no one expected.”

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For the writer, the story comes from a simple belief. “Batman needs a Robin and Robin needs a Batman,” he said, promising that, while the “character-centric action-adventure story” in Robin Rises may follow previous events in his own Batman and Robin series as well as forthcoming issues of Justice League, “new readers can easily jump on board due to the way we constructed the opening pages.”

Robin Rises: Omega, illustrated by Andy Kubert, will be released in comic book stores and digitally July 16.