Will Rogue Appear in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' After All?

Just because Anna Paquin's only sequence in this summer's mutant movie was cut doesn't mean that she's not in the movie, says Bryan Singer.

Fans were upset at the news that Anna Paquin's Rogue had been cut from Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past -- but it turns out that she might not have been entirely excised from the mutant epic after all.

Despite the cut sequence having been described as "the one and only sequence Anna Paquin was in, the Rogue character was in" by Singer in December, the director told Empire magazine that "it does not mean that we won't see her in the film," going on to describe her as "an important part of the X-Men family."

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He didn't explain how Rogue could manage to appear if her "one and only" sequence had been cut -- an appearance in a crowd shot, perhaps, or maybe showing up in a photograph somewhere? -- but Singer did add that "I hope to make the [cut] sequence available on the DVD as she was quite wonderful in it."

X-Men: Days of Future Past will be released on May 23. What are the odds that Paquin shows up in a post-credits sequence to set up the subsequent X-Men: Apocalypse?