Will Smith Talks Keeping 'Aladdin' Hat, Meeting Jordan's Royal Family

Jimmy Kimmel Live - JIMMY KIMMEL and  WILL SMITH- Publicity-H 2019
Randy Holmes/ABC
"It's been 30 years of things that I've cultivated as a performer, and all of them got used in this movie," Smith said about his singing, dancing and rapping character in the Disney live-action film.

Will Smith stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday to discuss his role in Aladdin.

After he briefly spoke about the pressure of following Robin Williams' original portrayal of the Genie, Smith talked about the specifics of playing the blue character.

"It was my first time being blue. I've never been blue," he said. "Blue becomes me.

"What was so interesting that I think people don't realize is when I'm blue Genie, there's no part of that character that is actually me. It's a 100 percent CGI character," he joked.

"So you didn't even do anything for this movie," Kimmel said with a laugh. The actor responded by pretending to sit back and eat a sandwich as he critiqued the CGI effects used to create the Genie. "That looks good," he said with a pretend full mouth. "Make my cheeks a little more blue."

Smith added that filming the live-action adaptation was a "beautiful" experience and that his character sings, dances and raps. "It's been 30 years of things that I've cultivated as a performer and all of them got used in this movie," he said. "If there had been a boxing scene, it would've been everything I've ever done."

Smith also spoke about meeting the royal family while filming in Jordan. "It's a royal family, you know, so there's all the rules," he said. "There's like an hour prep where they explain all of the rules of how to deal with the royal family. So we're there. They sit all of our people down and they teach us all the protocols."

After he took the prep course, a Range Rover pulled up to Smith. "His Highness is sitting in the drivers seat. He goes, 'Hey Will, buddy. Let's go,'" he recalled. "So I hop in the passenger seat and me and him just drive off and he's like, 'Oh man, I'm glad those guys are gone.'"

Smith later revealed that while Disney "is tight" about not letting actors keep props from films, he did take a memento from the set of Aladdin.

Kimmel asked Smith if he kept his character's hat when filming wrapped. "Let's just say I do have one," he said. "I have one that I'm not certain was a legal acquisition."

The ABC host then asked what Smith does with the mementos from his films. After he revealed that he doesn't have the mementos on display, he joked that props and clothes from films including Men in Black would burn in a fire one day.

"I like to keep that stuff," he said. "It's funny. I'm not really a nostalgic kind of guy. I keep it, but I don't really care. I just want to know I have it."

Smith also spoke about his son Jaden dressing as Batman for a prom. "I got the emergency call," he said. "A girl asked Jaden to go to her prom, so Jaden decided he was going to wear a white Batman suit to her prom."

"He informed her the night before, at which point she told her father and Jada and I get the emergency call," he said. "Her father's like, 'Hey guys. I don't know, but Jaden just informed [my daughter] that he's gonna wear a Batman suit to her prom. I'm just calling you guys for a little help here.'"

"Jada said, 'Sir, listen. I am really sorry, but here's the truth. Just tell her to uninvite him.' She was like, 'It will be no problem with this family. Jaden is not a prom date kind of kid,'" he said of his wife Pinkett Smith's response.

He added that he and Pinkett Smith tried to talk Jaden into changing his outfit. "I was like, 'Jaden, man, it's a girl's thing, man. You can't wear a Batman suit to the girl's prom,'" he said. "And he said, 'Dad, I'll compromise. I'll wear a tie.' And he ended up wearing a tie over the Batman suit."

The next day, Jaden's outfit was the top trending topic on social media, followed by ISIS. "He said, 'Dad, I agree with you. Something's wrong with the world, but it's not me,'" he said.