Will Venom Battle His Alien Offspring in 'Spider-Man' Spinoff?

Social media site for "Amazing Spider-Man 2" may have already pointed at a future villain for the "Venom" spin-off, tease producers.
Joe Quesada/Marvel Entertainment

Venom may not be the only alien symbiote to appear in the planned Amazing Spider-Man spin-off, according to producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach. Turns out the Daily Bugle Tumblr site may be teasing more than just Amazing Spider-Man 2 after all…

IGN asked Arad and Tolmach about a story that ran on the Bugle Tumblr last week in which Eddie Brock — a Bugle reporter who becomes Venom in Spider-Man mythology — reported on the capture of Cletus Kasady, an “escaped serial killer and notorious redhead.”

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In the comic book continuity, Kasady joined with an offshoot of the alien that turned Brock into Venom to become Carnage, a psychopathic super villain with all of Spider-Man’s powers but none of the responsibility (or even the tortured anti-hero responsibility of Venom). When IGN asked whether or not Carnage would appear in the Venom movie, Arad said “What a great idea.”

“The idea of Venom and Carnage?” asked Tolmach. “Taking it into consideration. Watch out for this Venom movie. We are crazy excited.”