'Willy Wonka' Honest Trailer: Michael Bolton Highlights the Classic's Questionable Aspects

Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory 1971 Still H 2016
You will never look at an Oompa Loompa the same way again.

If you didn't think you could love the songs from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory more than you already do, you obliviously haven't heard Michael Bolton's take on the classic film.

Honest Trailers snagged Bolton for a recording session over the weekend, fulfilling a dream for Andy Signore, creator of the series (and huge Bolton fan). 

"I applaud Michael and his team for doing it, because it is a little weird on paper," Signore tells Heat Vision.

Fortunately, Bolton got the joke, and squeezed in time to make it happen. The Honest Trailers teamup comes as Bolton is on a comedy kick, following his viral "Jack Sparrow" collaboration with The Lonely Island. He's also preparing to launch a Netflix Valentine's Day comedy special and his album Song of Cinema.

"As a fan of Honest Trailers, it was fun to collaborate with the ScreenJunkies team and contribute to their signature take on movies and TV,” says Bolton. "Music is central to Willy Wonka, so it requires a bit of 'pure imagination' to do it justice.”

In January, Honest Trailers has been releasing trailers its fans voted for, and it will unveil it's No. 1 fan-requested trailer next week. 

Signore won't reveal what the next trailer will be, but here's a small clue: The team was hoping to get Smash Mouth involved, but it didn't work out.

As for what's to come, Signore says trailers for John Wick, Beauty and the Beast, Moana and Doctor Strange are in the pipeline.