'Winter Soldier' Writers Hint at Captain America's Cinematic Future

Three words tease the possibility of a second Captain America in the third film in the series (And no, it's not Bucky taking over the costume).
Sal Buscema/Marvel Entertainment

Where will Marvel’s Captain America movie franchise go from the political drama of next month’s The Winter Soldier? The screenwriters for the movie have dropped a three-word hint that suggests something particularly unexpected -- and very welcome.

“You can probably predict some of the threads we would like to pick up again that we’ve laid out there,” said Stephen McFeely to the Den of Geek website about the direction of the third Captain America movie, scheduled for a 2016 release. “We always go back to the comics and dive back in and look at anything we’ve missed in the last few years that might be relevant.”

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His writing partner, Christopher Markus, said, “There’s a couple [of stories] we’re playing with right now that we really want to take elements from.” When pressed for a hint, he added: “All I’m saying is psychotic 1950s Cap.”

For comic book fans, this translates into William Burnside, who took over the role of Captain America following the disappearance of Steve Rogers at the end of World War II. Unfortunately, Burnside’s second-generation take on the scientific formula than remade Rogers into an All-American Hero resulted in the loss of his sanity, and the second Captain America turned out to be particularly paranoid, racist and problematic -- especially when he returned to the public eye to lead a fascist organization attempting to “reclaim” America for the racists.

Burnside has re-appeared a few times since his 1970s revival, including two storylines during the same Ed Brubaker-written run of comics that brought the Winter Soldier to fans. Will 2016 see a showdown of ideologies and Americas -- and a clash of Caps? We can be hope. 2016 seems worryingly far away now, doesn’t it …?