Witness the Rebuilding of 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' (in Lego)

Grand Budpest Lego Hotel - H 2014
<p>Grand Budpest Lego Hotel - H 2014</p>   |   Dan Stenberg/Invision/AP
Team of 10 builds Wes Anderson's eponymous hotel out of 50,000+ Lego bricks across 23 days as part of A+D Museum exhibit.

There may be other ways of immortalizing a much-loved movie than spending more than 20 days re-creating it in Lego, but none of them would be quite as much fun — nor quite as mesmerizing, as this short video of Ryan Ziegelbauer and his team rebuilding Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel demonstrates.

The Lego hotel was built out of more than 50,000 bricks, sourced from collectors and wholesalers across the world — including the U.S., Poland, Germany and Italy — and took 575 hours for Ziegelbauer and his nine-strong team of builders to construct. The finished hotel weighs around 150 pounds, and towers an impressive 7 feet in the air (as well as being 6.5 feet wide).

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The hotel was unveiled this weekend to promote this week’s release of The Grand Budapest Hotel on DVD and Blu-ray, and will be available for public viewing at the size and scale exhibit Come In! S, M, L, XLa, which runs at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles from June 19 through August 31.

Watch the video documenting the creation of the hotel below.