WME Signs Author Laline Paull (Exclusive)

The writer's "Fear of August" manuscript has prompted multiple agencies to chase her.
Adrian Peacock
Laline Paull

WME has come out on top of a competitive situation to sign writer Laline Paull.

Paull is a London-based scribe who has worked in film and television on both sides of the pond and has had two plays performed at the Royal National Theatre London. But it’s her upcoming manuscript that piqued agency interest.

Paull has written a dark thriller titled Fear of August that is set entirely in a beehive and rooted in biological fact. Here is the logline:

In this ancient society where only the Queen may breed and deformity means death, devout worker Flora 717 is shocked to find herself fertile -- and now a hunted criminal. Using her cover as an elite forager to try to protect her forbidden brood, she lives a traitor’s double life until the time-bomb of a hostile environment forces her hand. Pitting the primal strength of her mother-love against the destruction of all she holds sacred, Flora’s actions will now determine the life or death of her people, as well as her child.

The book has not yet sold to a publisher but has caused stirrings around town.