WME Signs 'Babadook' Director Jennifer Kent (Exclusive)

The film premiered at Sundance's Park City at Midnight section and was picked by IFC Midnight.
Jennifer Kent

WME has signed writer-director Jennifer Kent, the filmmaker behind one of Sundance’s critical hits, psychological horror movie The Babadook.

The movie tells of a widowed single mother who tried to deal with her troubled six-year old son who is frightened of monsters, only to discover that his fears are legitimate.

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Bababook was the opening movie in Sundance's Park City at Midnight section, received strong reviews and was quickly snapped up for domestic (and Latin American) release by IFC Midnight.

Several agencies pounced on Kent, who took multiple meetings with select agencies before signing with WME. One aspect making her standout is that she is a woman working in the historically male-heavy genre space.

Kent hails from Australia, where she acted in several movies and television series before segueing into work behind the camera. Babadook is her first feature and adapts her short Monster.

Here's the freaky, creepy trailer: