Woah: Bill & Ted's 2015 Return Teased (in Comic Books)

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - H 2012
<p>Bill and Ted&#39;s Excellent Adventure - H 2012</p>
Boom! Studios send out hint of a long-awaited comeback for Wyld Stallyns

Party on, dudes.

While the third Bill & Ted movie remains just a tantalizing possibility mentioned by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter in interviews, Boom! Studios released a visual teaser Monday that suggests that William S. Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan will be back sooner than expected in comic format.

The teaser — which, for those who haven’t seen either Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure or Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, features the name of the band that both characters belong to (a band that, it’s revealed in Excellent Adventure, will create a utopian future for humanity) — was released via email with no further commentary from the publisher. However, Boom! editor Ian Brill debuted the teaser on Twitter as the final part of a series of tweets about the nature of comics based on existing intellectual property:

In addition to the teased Bill & Ted comic, Boom! also publishes comic books based on Escape from New York, RoboCop, Planet of the Apes and Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time as well as original material including Dead Letters, 2Guns and Lumberjanes. Expect more information about the Bill & Ted project soon.