Patrick Stewart Teases 'Wolverine 3' Plot Details

"I understand that Professor Xavier will be making more than an appearance," said Stewart.
Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment
Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart at Comic-Con in 2013

Patrick Stewart is ready to head back to the X-Men universe.

In an interview with Collider, Stewart teased that he would be returning for Wolverine 3 — and elaborated on speculation that the upcoming film will follow the 2008 comic book storyline Old Man Logan, which shows an old Wolverine in a future in which most of his superhero friends have died, and supervillains run the country. Hugh Jackman is set to reprise his role as the iconic character.

"There is a project in development. I understand that Professor Xavier will be making more than an appearance, however, and that intrigues me," said Stewart. "And the idea of an old Wolverine — I’m really looking forward to Hugh Jackman getting old. You know, damn him. He looks so great! So I’m hoping to see him covered in prosthetics, you know? And then he’ll make me look better, if that’s the case."

In February, Stewart set the Internet ablaze by hinting that he might return for the third Wolverine film, which is set for a March 3, 2017, release. Stewart played Professor X in the original X-Men trilogy, as well as in last summer's X-Men: Days of Future Past, which combined the younger and older casts. Jackman has said he will be retiring from the X-Men universe after a third Wolverine film.