'Wolverine 3': Photo of Mystery Character Revealed — and He Looks Very Familiar

Mangold Twitter -Screen shot -  H P 2016
Courtesy of Twitter/Mangold
Stephen Merchant's 'Logan' role may be someone who appeared in 'Apocalypse.'

Here's something Logan fans weren't expecting.

Director James Mangold has shared a photo of actor Stephen Merchant in the third Wolverine film, and the mystery character he's playing looks very familiar.

Merchant's hairless character looks similar to the mutant Caliban, who was not previously known to be in in the third Wolverine film. The mutant appeared briefly in this summer's X-Men: Apocalypse, with the mutant (played by Tomas Lemarquis) employing Psylocke (Olivia Munn) as a body guard.

Merchant shared a different (and even more wonderfully creepy) photo on Instagram.


How I spent my summer

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In the comics, Caliban has ties to Mister Sinister, the villain who was teased at the end of Apocalypse (though Donald Pierce has been revealed to be the villain of this film, leaving fans to wonder how that Sinister Apocalypse tease ties in). 

Mangold has confirmed that Logan film takes place in he future (Apocalypse takes place in 1983), but when have timelines stopped the X-Men franchise from having characters defy the laws of aging and pop up in different eras?

In addition to the apparent Caliban reveal, the official Logan Instagram account shared a photo Monday further teasing the film's southwest setting. 



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Logan is set for March 3, 2017.