'The Wolverine' Director James Mangold on the Future of 3D

“The question is whether 3D will survive or not. Is it more than a gimmick and can we make it more than a gimmick?" says Mangold, while promoting the release of the film's four-disc Unleashed Extended Edition.
James Fisher/Twentieth Century Fox

This summer’s action packed blockbuster, The Wolverine grossed more than $413 million worldwide and is now hitting homes on December 3 with a four-disc Unleashed Extended Edition just in time for the holidays.

For the first time in the history of the X-Men franchise The Wolverine Unleashed Extended Edition will feature an extended unrated cut.

“The extended cut includes a lot of the action and intensity with more intense physical violence that couldn’t get under the bar of the MPAA PG-13 rating,” director James Mangold told The Hollywood Reporter.  “Learning lessons of Samurai films, we wanted to create an intensity and push that intensity with physical action as far as we can go.”

Mangold also shared information about the DVD’s Extended Edition features including a 3D Blu-ray. “A lot of what I was interested with, in working with 3D, is the immersive quality of having the world of these character’s exist around you. ”

He continued to discuss the future of 3D technology by adding: “The question is whether 3D will survive or not. Is it more than a gimmick and can we make it more than a gimmick? What I was trying to do in making the film is that I think it can be.”

With a diverse, extensive filmography, the Walk the Line and Girl Interrupted director explained decisions of keeping one element alive in each film. “While the genres change, I learn a lot from each of them and that is trying to bring a certain intimacy and reality to the characters. In terms of style I miss classic films. I feel like things have gotten so upcut to the point of films feeling like a commercial or trailer as opposed to breathing and allowing the characters to breathe. ”

To achieve this in The Wolverine Mangold talked about working closely with Hugh Jackman in order to make Logan the most authentic he has ever been. Jackman has played the role for more than a decade, appearing as the mutant hero in seven films. Mangold said of the new film that he wanted to create a stylistic reboot of the character. “We got rid of the hair pieces and redesigned the blades," he said. "Our goal was to make him real, to make the film feel real and make him feel like he was a part of our world.”

The Fox Holiday Collection release will aid Mangold’s mission to get viewers inside the mind of The Wolverine’s protagonist and engage them into his world as the Blu-ray allows fans to sync with the Second Screen app where they can enter the world of The Wolverine with a synced viewing experience. The Wolverine Blu-ray also includes an alternate ending to the film and an X-Men: Days of Future Past set tour.

The Wolverine Digital HD was released on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013.