Wolverine Goes Cosmic in 'Infinity Watch' Comic Book Series

Wolverine and the Infinity Watch cover - Publicity - P 2018
Giuseppe Camuncoli/Marvel Entertainment
The follow-up to the current 'Infinity Wars' comic book will begin in February.

January’s new Guardians of the Galaxy comic book series won’t be the only fallout from Marvel Entertainment’s current Infinity Wars miniseries, as the company has also announced a new Wolverine title will launch in the aftermath.

The series, Wolverine: Infinity Watch, will be written by Infinity Wars’ Gerry Duggan, with art by Andy McDonald, according to the publisher. The cover for the first issue comes from Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Details about the new series are sparse, but it will team the recently resurrected X-Man with Thor’s half-brother, Loki, with Duggan teasing that, in the wake of Infinity Wars, “…The new cosmic status quo will demand… watching…” Camuncoli’s cover for the debut issue features the Infinity Gauntlet apparently being worn by Wolverine, judging by the claws extending through the glove.

Wolverine had an Infinity Stone when he first reappeared from the dead in 2017’s Marvel Legacy No. 1, although he had apparently surrendered it by the release of Infinity Countdown No. 1 earlier this year. Since then, Marvel has released both Hunt for Wolverine and Return of Wolverine-branded comic books in an attempt to explain his return to life after the 2014 Death of Wolverine series.

In Marvel’s comic book mythology, the Infinity Watch was a group of individuals who each guarded one Infinity Stone with the purpose of preventing the six stones from being used together ever again; the concept was at the core of the 1992 series Warlock and the Infinity Watch. It should also be noted that Marvel has historically had a cosmic entity called the Watcher, whose entire gimmick was showing up to view big events in the Marvel Universe. (The Watcher died in 2014’s Original Sin comic book series, but cosmic entities tend to have the ability to return from the dead in comic books.)

Wolverine: Infinity Watch is set to launch in February.