Wolverine Launches Marvel's Comic Book Post-Credit Scenes With a Missed Connection

He's the best there is at what he does, but that's apparently not good timing.
Courtesy of Esad Ribic/Marvel Entertainment

The first of Marvel’s comic book post-credit sequences has been released, allowing fans to follow the reborn Wolverine as he journeys around the company’s comic book universe.

Technically, the scenes will be post-letter column scenes, at least based on the evidence of this week’s Captain America No. 697. (In Marvel’s titles, creator credits are generally placed at the beginning of an issue, making the majority of the comic technically “post-credit scenes.”) If what happens in the Captain America scene is a good indicator of what to expect from the additional eight scenes announced by the publisher, readers can expect to see … well, a lot of missed connections.

The scene was drawn by Lenil Francis Yu, while the rest of the issue was illustrated by regular Captain America artist Chris Samnee; it’s unclear from the credits for the issue whether or not Mark Waid, who wrote the main story, also wrote the post-credit scene. It sees Wolverine show up to a bar where Captain America had been earlier in the issue, only to find out that he’d missed him.

“I’ll just hafta meet up with him some other time,” Wolverine says as he leaves the bar.

As yet, it’s unknown why Wolverine — who was, until September’s Marvel Legacy No. 1, presumed dead after the events of 2014’s best-selling Death of Wolverine miniseries — was looking to meet up with Cap, but the answer is almost certainly related to the upcoming Infinity Countdown series, which features Wolverine in a starring role. That series launches in March, which is also when the final announced “post-credit scenes” are scheduled to be released.

Captain America No. 697 is available in comic book stores and digitally now. Future post-credit scenes featuring Wolverine are scheduled to appear in Amazing Spider-Man No. 794, Mighty Thor No. 703, Marvel 2-In-One No. 3, Black Panther No. 170, Avengers No. 680, Incredible Hulk No. 714, X-Men: Red No. 2 and Invincible Iron Man No. 598.