'Wolverine' Trailer: Hugh Jackman Fights Sword-Wielding Enemies, Mortality

The comic book sequel is scheduled for release July 26 in the U.S.

The first true The Wolverine trailer has hit the web -- and, yes, it's much longer than six seconds

Clocking in at nearly two minutes, the domestic trailer for the Hugh Jackman sequel to the 2009 X-Men origins film finds Logan in Japan fighting off sword-wielding enemies and contemplating his own mortality. 

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"What I am, what they did to me, can't be undone," he says after the trailer reveals that Wolverine is apparently offered a chance to undo his supernatural healing abilities. 

The Silver Samarai (Will Yun Lee), who boasts electric armor, will be one villain in the film. As THR previously noted, the James Mangold-directed action title draws its story from the Claremont-Frank Miller Wolverine series of the 1980s. 

The film is scheduled for release July 26 stateside.