'Wonder Woman' 1967 TV Pilot Test Is So Awful, It's Amazing

Wonder Woman 1967 - H 2017
"How do you expect to get a husband flying around all the time?"

Holy hell, what was that? 

The first attempt, in 1967, to bring the character of Wonder Woman to life was a disaster.

It's so bad, it is almost a work of art. And with Gal Gadot's critically praised Wonder Woman opening this weekend, an unearthed clip by Heat Vision of that Mad Men-era short is worth taking a cringing look at. 

Never making it to air, but floating around the internet, Wonder Woman: Who's Afraid of Diana Prince? featured Ellie Wood Walker as the lead and Maudie Prickett as the heroine's mother.

The five-minute video sees Diana Prince berated for being single and sexualizes Woman Woman once she is in her suit. No joke, Wonder Woman spends nearly an entire minute admiring herself in the mirror, even blowing kisses at herself! Planet of the Apes actress Linda Harrison is credited as Wonder Woman's reflection.

The short opens with Prince telling her mother she has to go out and rescue someone because "the nation needs Wonder Woman," to which her mother replies, "And does the nation care about what she needs, like a fellow for example? How do you expect to get a husband flying around all the time?" 

And another jewel, "You can't be a decent martyr on an empty stomach."

The ending special effect is just, well — it's something. 

The short was produced by the late William Dozier, who also worked on the classic Adam West Batman series. 

The Wonder Woman character would make the successful leap to the small screen in 1975 when Lynda Carter took up the mantle of the DC Comics superhero. That incarnation ran for three seasons on ABC.

Check out the short below.