'Wonder Woman 1984' Director Shares First Look at Kristen Wiig's Villain

The actress plays Cheetah in the sequel.

Barbara Minerva has arrived in 1984 — and appears to be visiting a natural history museum. 

Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins shared a first look at the character, played by Kristen Wiig. The villain was introduced in the comics in 1987 by writer Len Wein and artist George Perez as a British anthropologist/heiress who gained cheetah powers after an expedition to an African jungle. She was just one of several characters to hold the Cheetah moniker, but she was noteworthy as the first to have the literal strength and speed of the jungle cat. The downside: her animal side repeatedly overpowered her and overruled her rationale, human mind.

Production is underway on Wonder Woman 1984, which stars Gal Gadot as the hero and also has Chris Pine reprising his role as love interest/war spy Steve Trevor. Steve's return is an interesting development given the ending of last year's Wonder Woman. Also among the cast is Pedro Pascal in a mystery role. 

Wonder Woman earned more than $821.9 million at the global box office. Jenkins began sharing stills from the production earlier this month. Wonder Woman 1984 is due out Nov. 1, 2019. For more on Cheetah, check out her history here