'Wonder Woman' Honest Trailer Teases Diana in "A Justice League of Her Own"

The narrator is clear: At least it's not 'Batman v. Superman.'
Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
'Wonder Woman'

Forget the audience buzz and the box-office take — perhaps the clearest indicator that Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman did something right is the fact that Honest Trailers struggles to fill an entire video making fun of the movie. 

The latest release from the online series, which debuted Tuesday, points out that Diana is perhaps a little too naive about the ways of Man's World before meeting Steve Trevor — she speaks several languages, so perhaps she should know what marriage means — and also complains that the villains of the movie come from a different, far campier flick, but it still has to admit that Wonder Woman is the best DC movie to date, and one that breaks a mold for the genre.

Or, as the nameless narrator puts it: "Patty Jenkins bravely asks the question, 'What if a female-led superhero movie wasn't absolutely garbage from beginning to end, and had a powerful message for girls: Save the world, look flawless doing it, be a literal god, then men might begrudgingly half-tolerate your presence?'" 

Watch the video below.