'Wonder Woman' Kicks Monster Ass and Saves the Day in Fan Film (Video)

It's not an official (nor full-length) movie, but Rainfall's Wonder Woman video might be the next best thing -- for now, at least.

By this point, the idea of a fan-made superhero movie that looks at least as good as an episode of Smallville or Mutant X -- I know, deep cut -- is hardly a new thing; we've had YouTube videos like Dark Knight Legacy and Truth in Journalism that point up possible new directions for existing movie franchises. However, one short in particular demonstrates that Wonder Woman could look kind of great.

Produced by Los Angeles-based VFX and production company Rainfall, Wonder Woman is directed by Sam Balcomb and stars Rileah Vanderbilt in the title role. On the YouTube page for the movie, Balcomb says that Rainfall "spent the majority of 2013 working on this -- the look, the feel, the aspects we most wanted to portray."

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The result is something that may be low on story -- it's two and a half minutes long and essentially all action sequence -- but it's something that demonstrates the dual nature of the character as she fights terrorists in a contemporary-world setting intercut with a brawl with a more mythical monster nemesis, as well as (maybe most importantly) showing that the Wonder Woman outfit doesn't have to look ridiculous onscreen. Maybe Warner Bros should put Rainfall together with Greg Rucka and see what comes out of the collaboration.