'Wonder Woman': New Teaser Shows What the Hero Is Capable Of

"The gods made the Amazons to bring peace to the world. And it's what I'm going to do."

Sometimes you have to rely on the right woman to get the job done. The latest teaser for Warner Bros.' upcoming Wonder Woman shows that, as "Man's World" deals with World War I, one hero is ready to bring peace no matter what.

The new preview for Patty Jenkins' upcoming superhero movie debuted during Monday's episode of Gotham, on Fox, and acted as an introduction for newcomers about just who Diana is: a hero at odds with the world around her, touched by divine intervention, and a living contradiction who fights for peace at a time when the world has surrendered to conflict. Oh, and she can also deflect projectiles with her bracelets, which is a pretty neat skill to have when everyone is shooting all around you.

Wonder Woman marks the fourth entry in Warner Bros.' shared universe of DC properties and expands the larger mythology backwards in time, being the first movie in the franchise set prior to 2013's Man of Steel. The movie, directed by Jenkins, sees Gal Gadot's second appearance as the title character, alongside Chris Pine and Lucy Davis, and will be released June 2.