'Wonder Woman': 12 Key Moments from the New Trailer

There's action, villains and hints at the post-'Suicide Squad' world.

The second Wonder Woman trailer is out — and the response from fans has been overwhelmingly positive

Everything from the color pallet to the costumes to the action (especially the action) works to give a taste of the movie without spoiling too much. What we can tell so far: Wonder Woman's (Gal Gadot) home is attacked by German soldiers (who clearly are doomed to lose). Meanwhile, crash-landed American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) warns the Amazons of a war (and dangerous weapon) that is going to be deployed. Diana decides to leave her home to fight the good fight.

Let's take a closer look:

0:01-:0:05: The film will feature modern day bookends taking place after the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here, we see Diana outside the Louvre and then looking at a physical copy of a World War I-era photo Bruce Wayne emailed her in BvS (which, in turn, had been sent to him by Lex Luthor). There's also a note on Wayne stationary. Did Bruce track down where this photo came from, or is this where Diana has been hiding it? And there's some sort of chart. Bruce and Diana's notes for their metahuman recruitment project?

0:12-0:23: Steve Trevor's plane crashes, as Diana has this voiceover: "I used to want to save the world. This beautiful place. But the closer you get, the more you see the great darkness within." We see there is a parallel between what is going on in the modern day DCEU and what happened during World War I. This image, coupled with her looking at the old photo, adds an layer of tragedy to her character as we see her as someone who has loved and lost. With an emphasis on the loss, as she's lost both Steve and the innocence of believing the world is a beautiful, pure place.

0:25-0:31: German soldiers invade Themyscira, and it is not going well for them.  

0:34-0:42: It's challenging to tell from the shot, but this appears to be Epione (played by Eleanor Matsuura), who in the comics is the chief healer of the Amazons. She's kicking a lot of butt (Amazonian healers apparently don't take the Hippocratic Oath).

0:49-0:53: Steve Trevor explains his mission is to stop the war to end all wars — and we get a look at Diana with her mother Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) in quite the grand setting. Aapologies to DC for using an Marvel analogy, but this looks to have hints of both Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger

0:55-57: Even a gas mask can't stop this deadline weapon. 

0:58-1:00 ...unless you are this masked badass (played by Elena Anaya), who runs around causing trouble. The actress revealed that she has a small role as a villain, but there's no official word on who it is (we're guessing Circe or Baroness von Gunther).

1:18-1:21: Diana's magic bracelets are on display as she saves Steve's life. Chris Pine gets to show off some charm as a voiceover from another scene has him explaining to his superior's that Diana is simply a "very good secretary."

1:28-1:31 "It is our sacred duty to defend the world, and it's what I'm going to do." Right there, Diana explains what she's all about. It's simple — but also tantalizing. The movie will have to answer why, after the events of this film, she goes underground again, only to emerge during the events of BvS. What happened to make her walk away? Presumably something tragic. 

1:43-1:53: Cue the incredible action. What's fun about this trailer is it hints there's plenty we are not seeing.

1:53-1:57: Diana does battle with the mystery bad guy played by Danny Huston. Because he can go toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman, he clearly has powers, which has led fans to speculate he's Ares, the god of war. 

2:15-2:31: Etta Candy (Lucy Davis) continues to be adorable and endearing as she tells Diana she's not opposed to "engaging in a bit of fisticuffs should the occasion arise." It's a safe bet there will be plenty of Ettas out there next Halloween.  

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