'Wonder Woman': Young Girls Around the Country Dress as the Heroine for Opening

Wonder Woman - PHOTOFEST - H 2017
Warner Bros./Photofest
"My daughter & I took in 'Wonder Woman' today. Incredibly smart! In Emma's words 'her best power is love!'"

Wonder Woman opened this weekend, and the movie had fans buzzing and, yes, dressed up ready to see Gal Gadot kick butt as the DC Comics character.

Families from around the country posted pictures on social media of their little ladies dressed as Wonder Woman, many at a theater ready to see the film.

There were so many great pictures, Twitter even noticed and made a collection for fans to check out.

Gadot's Wonder Woman, also starring Chris Pine, is headed for a North American opening of $95 million or more from 4,165 theaters, which would make for the biggest opening of all time for a female director. Patty Jenkins is that director.

Overseas, Wonder Woman is opening in almost every major market, including China. The film's early foreign gross is $18.7 million.

Check out the adorable little Wonder Women below.