WonderCon: Henry Cavill Hasn't Tried on Superman Costume Yet

Relativity also unveils the first-ever footage of "Immortals," which drew comparisons to the stylized look of sword-and-sandals hit "300."
Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival
Henry Cavill

Relativity held an Immortals panel at WonderCon on Saturday, and a Superman presentation threatened to break out.

The studio unveiled the first-ever footage of its Greek god epic fantasy, but many of the fans in attendance were fixated on a certain member of the cast: Henry Cavill, the man chosen to play Clark Kent/Superman in Warner Bros.' planned reboot.

While the footage provided food for thought -- the movie looks like a classical painting beautifully come to life, some drew comparisons
to the stylized look of sword-and-sandal hit 300 -- Cavill drew by far the most interest.

You couldn't help imagining the British actor in mild-mannered reporter garb or with a big S on his chest. In fact, the very first person up at the
microphone during the Q&A asked if Cavill had tried on the super suit yet. (Cavill's answer: "It's still in development. I haven't tried it on.")

But while the spotlight was on Cavill, Immortals director Tarsem Singh won over the crowd.

Talking at super-speed with brash honesty and humor, Tarsem, as he is known, called the movie "Carravagio vs. Fight Club or Old Boy" and explained why he made the gods young-looking instead of giving them the traditional, bearded, wisened look (if you're immortal, why would you want to take on an old appearance? he asked.)

In the end, of lot of the talk circled back to Tarsem's visual stylings, something producer Mark Canton predicted will make the movie stand out and be remembered.

"Because this movie is going to be unique ride and a real popcorn movie, it's going to be a lot of fun in 3D," said Canton.