WonderCon: 'San Andreas' Director Shows Off "Raw," "Honest" Footage

San Andreas The Rock H 2015
“I’ve never done more stunt work in my life but we got a react to real circumstances," actress Carla Gugino said.

Although the footage reel showed unprecedented California destruction, Warner Bros.’ San Andreas panel talked up the upcoming movie’s emotion.

“The most important thing to me was an honest portrayal of what these people go through,” said director Brad Peyton moments after a reel that showed buildings collapsing, people being swept away and characters played by Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario (Johnson was not present but Daddario was) struggling to survive underwater, which got the audience in the Anaheim Convention Center giddy.

“Yes, we blow a lot of stuff up, but you see the reactions — this is raw, this is honest.”

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Echoed actress Carla Gugino: “I’ve never done more stunt work in my life, but we got to react to real circumstances. And you don’t get to do that as an actor in these kinds of movies. Every piece of artifice was stripped away.”

The stripping away layers analogy was used by Peyton to describe Johnson’s work as well, with the filmmaker saying, “This is the best I’ve ever seen Dwayne.”

He recalled a conversation he had with Johnson during the shoot in order to help the actor prepare for a scene. Johnson’s character was to say a prayer for someone who died. Peyton told him to go write something on his own and not to show anyone, not even him. “I don’t want to know what it is.” It was his way to get Johnson to dig deep. “I wanted to peel it back. I wanted as much honesty as I could get from Dwayne.”

“It’s the surprise hidden weapon,” said Gugino.

The panel also showed clips from Mad Max: Fury Road, one that played previously at SXSW and a WonderCon only sizzle. The movie had the crowd mesmerized.