Woodley On The Possibility of an 'Amazing Spider-Man 3' Appearance

Her performance as Mary Jane Watson is missing from Marc Webb's second "Amazing Spider-Man," but "Divergent" may be the reason Shailene Woodley is absent from the third.
Jemal Countess/Getty Images for IFP

Her appearance as Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ended up on the cutting room floor, but is there a possibility that Shailene Woodley could show up in The Amazing Spider-Man 3? Not so much, according to the actress.

"I don't know anything, but seeing as how they picked up the next two Divergent films, I don't know how I'd keep my sanity with two big action films in one year," Woodley told MTV, referring to the planned 2016 release of both Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Allegiant, third movie in the Divergent series. "But," she continued, "anything can happen, so ... "

STORY: Shailene Woodley Cut From 'Amazing Spider-Man 2

Woodley worked on Marc Webb's second Spider-Man movie for three days, but was cut from the movie last June when Webb decides to "streamline the story," eliminating her character all together.

Divergent opens March 21.

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