'World War Z' Gets More Honest

World War Z Brad Pitt - H 2013
<p>World War Z Brad Pitt - H 2013</p>   |   Paramount Pictures
What happens when Honest Trailers turns its attention to "World War Z"? As you might expect: zombie (movie) carnage.

It's possible that you're the type of person who loves books, but doesn't love the movie theater. If you are, then perhaps you might be thinking about buying World War Z, which was released on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday. In that case, you should probably watch the Honest Trailers take on the Brad Pitt-starring zombie flick before you go any further.

"Get ready for the big screen adaptation of the best-selling novel that's got everything you loved about the title," the trailer suggests, before introducing Pitt's character as "your average everyday super attractive, scarf-wearing, Spanish-speaking, airplane-piloting, sharp-shooting, skull-bashing, armor-crafting, arm-chopping, prisoner-interrogating, surgery-doing, slow-motion-vision-having, antidote-making, eagle-eyed stay-at-home dad."

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It's the kind of cruel-but-fair take on the movie that you'd expect from Honest Trailers, including lists of cliches and coincidences from the movie that just might make you realize that the movie wasn't as good as you thought it was when you saw it the first time. Watch and make up your own mind: