'World War Z' Trailer: Brad Pitt Tries to Save the Planet (Video)

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<p>Brad Pitt, on set in Scotland, was said to be livid when a problem with assault rifles led to a delay.</p>
The first official trailer for the post-apocalyptic movie, out in June, hones in on a potentially traumatic worldwide catastrophe.

Can Brad Pitt save the world?

The official full-length trailer for the post-apocalyptic World War Z starts off rather innocently, with a family stuck in city traffic playing "20 Questions." Then, out of nowhere, police on motorcycles zoom through the stalled cars, taking side mirrors along with them. Helicopters and mysterious explosions create city-wide panic, as an officer warns people to keep inside their cars, before getting blasted by a garbage truck himself.

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The two-and-a-half-minute trailer reveals the mass hysteria surrounding the impending zombie apocalypse and what one man, U.N. employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), will do to make sure his wife (Mireille Enos) and young daughters are safe. While their safety is threatened by fast-moving zombies (they run!), the footage captures the magnitude of this worldwide catastrophe as the human population takes a dramatic toll.

Not much else is uncovered about the actual plot of the movie, but the deep, thumping Inception-esque beats and the numerous images of life-threatening developments get the job done.

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World War Z, originally set for a December theatrical release, is an adaptation of 2006's novel of the same name by Max Brooks. Marc Forster directed from a script by Matthew Michael Carnahan. It will hit theaters June 13, 2013.

Watch the full-length trailer below.

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