'World of Warcraft' Doc Trailer Spotlights Fan Community Behind Fantasy Phenomenon

'Looking for Group' explores the history and impact of the online role-playing game
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Since its launch ten years ago, World of Warcraft has gone from simple online fantasy game to worldwide phenomenon, with players including Vin Diesel, Brandon Routh and Mila Kunus. The new documentary World of Warcraft: Looking for Group charts the origins and growth of WoW over the last decade.

Featuring interviews with gamers as well as those within game creators Blizzard, the movie is set to premiere on the final day of this year’s BlizzCon. Reflecting the inclusive nature of the documentary itself — which is not just a history of the game itself, but of the culture surrounding it — the premiere will be streamed online simultaneously with its convention debut on Nov. 8, with both the official World of Warcraft site and YouTube channel showing the movie at 2pm Pacific.

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