DC Reveals Details of 'Super-Heroes Holiday Special'

World's Greatest Heroes Holiday Special-Publicity-H 2018
Andy Kubert/DC Entertainment
The 100-page title will mix reprints and new material in time for the season of goodwill, in Walmart stores this weekend.

Ahead of its release in Walmart stores this weekend, DC Entertainment has unveiled information about the next title in its line of Walmart-exclusive 100-page comic books — and, like last month’s Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special, this one is holiday themed.

The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes! Holiday Special will feature the work of Tom King, Darwyn Cooke, Dan Jurgens and more in a number of reprints of seasonal stories ranging from the 1990s through 2016’s Batman Annual No. 1, alongside a brand-new short by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth centering around the Flash.

The new story, "'Twas the Riot Before Christmas," sees Barry Allen’s annual tradition of being Superhero Santa for the Central City Home for Wayward Children interrupted by a potential jailbreak at the nearby Iron Heights Penitentiary. In order to save the day, he’ll need help from an unexpected source.

The title is one of two holiday-themed specials DC is releasing this year; on Nov. 28, the company’s DC Nuclear Winter Special No. 1 is an 80-page collection of all-new material — linked by a not-so-seasonal post-apocalyptic gimmick — that will be available in the comic book store direct market.

DC’s partnership with Walmart was announced this June with the launch of four monthly titles, mixing reprints and original material available only in Walmart outlets, in an attempt to expand the reach of the company’s comic book output. Following a successful launch, it was revealed in September that the line would be expanded by two additional monthly series in 2019.