'Outer Darkness/Chew' Crossover Comic Launching in March (Exclusive)

Outer Darkness Chew - Image Comics Publicity -H 2019
Courtesy of Image Comics
John Layman's three-part series is from Skybound.

Before co-creating the critically acclaimed supernatural science fiction comic book Outer Darkness, writer John Layman was known by many for Chew, his comic book series about a psychic FDA agent who solves crimes by eating stuff. Although the two shared a similarly skewed sense of humor, there seemed little crossover between the two, especially given that one was set in 28th century outer space, and the other 21st century Earth.

So, of course, Layman is literally going to cross the two series together, starting next spring.

The miniseries Outer Darkness/Chew won’t just see Layman return to writing FDA agent Tony Chu, however; it’ll also see the return of Chew artist Rob Guillory, who’ll be illustrating the new title with Outer Darkness co-creator Afu Chan, reuniting the creators for the first time since the 2016 conclusion of the original Chew series.

The series will be released through Skybound, the Image Comics imprint founded by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, but everyone is remaining impressively quiet when it comes to just what the story of the series will be — or, for that matter, just how the two concepts can interact in the first place, although the exclusive preview pages below at least offer a hint at that particular reveal.

All will be revealed March 4, when the first issue is released in comic book stores and digitally.