'X-Files' to Cross Over With 'Ghostbusters, 'Transformers,' More

New comic book storyline brings Mulder and Scully face to face with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Crow and other pop culture heroes.
Miriam Kim/IDW Publishing

For 20 years, FBI agents Mulder and Scully have been looking into the strange, the unexplained and the downright ridiculous. Next year, however, the paranoid duo will uncover a case that introduces them to things (and characters) far weirder than anything they've discovered so far when IDW Publishing launches The X-Files: Conspiracy, a new crossover event that also includes some very familiar faces.

Conspiracy recasts four other IDW-licensed properties into the urban legend context of the X-Files series, with Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Crow and Ghostbusters coming under investigation as the FBI duo (and their similarly conspiracy-obsessed comrades, the Lone Gunmen) try to find out the truth behind a potential plague apparently set to destroy humanity in the near future.

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This event is the fourth such mass-property crossover that IDW has produced, following two separate Infestation series that unleashed zombies and Lovecraftian monsters respectively across the worlds of G.I.Joe, Transformers and Star Trek (amongst many others), and last year's Mars Attacks-themed crossover event that brought the bubblegum card aliens up against such unlikely adversaries as Popeye, Judge Dredd and KISS.

The Conspiracy event begins this January, with The X-Files: Conspiracy #1 and the single-issue X-Files: Conspiracy - Ghostbusters.