Marvel Relaunching X-Men Line With 6 New Miniseries

X-Men February 2019 - AOX_MARVELOUSXM- Publicity-P 2018
Phil Noto/Marvel Entertainment
The 'Age of X-Man' starts in February 2019.

Marvel Entertainment appears to be following through on its threat to disassemble the X-Men, with the company teasing dramatic changes — and all-new series — coming to the comic book franchise in February 2019.

Following this week’s relaunch of the main Uncanny X-Men series — which begins with a 10-part storyline running weekly, called "X-Men Disassembled" — Marvel has released previews of the February-scheduled issues, and they’re suitably apocalyptic; the cover for No. 11 features Cyclops, seemingly back from the dead after his 2016 death in the Death of X miniseries, on his knees in the wreckage of the Xavier School, with the caption "Devastation"; the cover for No. 12 sees Cyclops re-teamed with the similarly resurrected Wolverine, with the caption "The Last X-Men."

So, what has happened to the rest of the X-Men? The answer may actually be found in the pages of the January release, Age of X-Man Alpha, which is the prelude to no less than six new series launching in February and March: Age of X-Man: The Marvelous X-Men, Age of X-Man: Nextgen, Age of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler, Age of X-Man: The X-Tremists, Age of X-Man: Prisoner X and Age of X-Man: Apocalypse and the X-Tracts. Each of these series will be five issues long, with titles launching on a weekly basis beginning Feb. 6 with The Marvelous X-Men.

In both title and structure, Age of X-Man — which has, to date, gone unexplained by Marvel outside of the titles and creative talent involved with each series — echoes 1995’s Age of Apocalypse publishing program, in which the regular X-Men publishing line was temporarily replaced for a number of months by miniseries set in an alternate reality, thanks to a storyline in which history was changed.

The success of Age of Apocalypse led to the idea being revisited a number of times by Marvel, both directly — additional comics set in the Age of Apocalypse timeline were published subsequent to the storyline’s conclusion — and indirectly, with stories like "House of M" and "Age of X" revisiting the alternate timeline concept as it related to the X-Men. It’s unclear as of yet whether or not Age of X-Man is following the Age of Apocalypse format outside the name and publishing model.

Uncanny X-Men No. 11 and No. 12, the initial Age of X-Man miniseries, and issues of Age of X-Man: Prisoner X and Age of X-Man: Apocalypse and the X-Tracts will be released in February and March.