'X-Men: Days of Future Past': Michael Fassbender’s Magneto Unveiled (Photo)

Michael Fassbender X-Men - P 2013
<p>Michael Fassbender Dark Knight - P 2013</p>
Director Bryan Singer tweeted a photo of the master of magnetism levitating.

Michael Fassbender is back as Magneto on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Serial set-tweeter Bryan Singer shared a photo of Fassbender rising next to a building during shooting.

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“The dark knight rises,” the director tweeted. Note the lack of helmet. Is he not worried about Prof. X's (James McAvoy) mind tricks?

Singer has recently tweeted set photos teasing the creator of the Sentinels, and giving first looks at Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique and Halle Berry’s Storm.

Fox’s Days of Future Past features X-Men: First Class castmembers James McAvoy,and Nicholas Hoult, as well as original X-Men trilogy actors Patrick StewartIan McKellenAnna PaquinEllen Page and Shawn Ashmore. Peter Dinklage is playing an unspecified villain role.

The Fox film is slated for a July 18, 2014, release.