X-Men to Discover 'No More Humans' in 2014

A new original graphic novel changes the X-Men's worldview by taking humanity off the planet entirely.
Salvador Larroca/Marvel Entertainment

Just in time for the release of next year's X-Men: Days of Future Past in theaters, Marvel Entertainment has announced a brand-new original graphic novel, X-Men: No More Humans, that deals with mutant prejudice -- both inside and outside the mutant community.

The 128-page hardcover will be the third release from Marvel's new OGN program, following this year's Avengers: Endless Wartime and next year's already announced Spider-Man: Family Business. Like those titles, No More Humans will feature a stand-alone story set inside "regular" Marvel Comics continuity that will nonetheless be able to be understood by readers who have only encountered the characters in their cinematic incarnations.

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No More Humans lives up to its title with a story that sees the mutant population of the Marvel Universe wake up one morning to discover that every single human on the planet has disappeared -- but as the X-Men set out to discover why, one question remains for the left-behind mutants: Do they really want humanity to return?

The graphic novel is, according to writer Mike Carey, "an X-Men story in a classic mold - one that pits the mutant heroes, not just against external enemies, but also against each other, forcing them to confront their own ideals and prejudices as they cope with world-changing and potentially world-ending events." The book will be illustrated by Salvador Larroca.

X-Men: No More Humans will be released May 7, 2014.