'X-Men: First Class' Extended Truck Scene Hits the Web (Video)

We here at Heat Vision have been ensconced in the Great White North’s cosmopolitan city of Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival, watching many a Midnight Madness movies among others, so I missed out on X-Men: First Class hitting Blu-ray and DVD last Friday.

The picture is one of the better super-hero comic book movies of recent years and I can’t wait to re-watch it when I get back to Hollywood.  

STORY: Lucas Till Talks 'X-Men: First Class' DVD and Blu-Ray

The Blu-ray and DVD comes with a ton of featurettes, extended and deleted scenes. Many of them have been released in the run-up to the Blu-ray/DVD hitting stores, but this one I don’t believe has. The big addition here is the dog, smelling humans being mentally shielded by Professor X, jumping up into the truck and barking its head off.