'X-Men: First Class' Is Different Than 'Green Lantern,' 'Captain America,' Says Star Lucas Till (Video)

Lucas Till - Movie Still: X-Men - 2011
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"How awesome does this summer look?" says the actor of his movie’s competition this summer.

How does Lucas Till think his movie X-Men: First Class is different than summer blockbusters Captain America, Green Lantern and Thor?

"I feel like the question I wished you would have asked me is, 'How awesome does this summer look?' Because you've got completely different things," Till told MTV News. REVIEW: X-Men: First Class

"With Captain America, you've got a 1940s pulp-movie feel, and I feel like that's going to be its own separate thing; fun and entertaining. And then you've got Thor, which is, like, a cool He-Man episode, which I was thoroughly surprised with," he went on. "Then you've got Green Lantern, which I thought was going to be stupid, but kind of looks like a cool cartoon." PHOTOS: X-Men: First Class style

As for X-Men, "There's so many metaphors to real life and there's actual character development. I feel like you care about the characters, then there's an ensemble cast, which they're trying to do with Justice League and Avengers. PHOTOS: THR's summer blockbuster guide

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