'X-Men: First Class' Professor X, Magneto and Mystique: Who Are the Mutants and Bad Guys?

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<p> &quot;Charles Xavier is academic and the least concerned with fashion. He&#39;s stylish but laid-back,&quot; Sheldon says of McAvoy&#39;s character.</p>   |   20th Century Fox
James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and more explain their characters.

X-Men: First Class opened in theaters at midnight on Friday. Who are the main mutants and bad guys in the prequel? The stars explain their characters and powers below:

1. Professor X: Played my James McAvoy, "his power is he can read, bend and manipulate your mind, and his relationship with Erik [a.k.a. Magneto] is probably the closest relationship he's ever had," explains the actor to MTV News. RELATED: Six facts about James McAvoy's Professor X

2. Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto: Michael Fassbender says his character is "ruthless, intelligent, charming and adaptable." REVIEW: X-Men: First Class

3. Raven Darkholme/ Mystique: Jennifer Lawrence's character is drawn to both Professor X and Magneto. "Magneto to her is kind of this iconic man that's kind of the crush that she's always had and she admires him very much. And Charles [Xavier] has always been like a brother to her." RELATED: Box Office Preview: 'X-Men: First Class' Expected to Bump 'Hangover II' From Top Spot

4. Sebastian Shaw: Kevin Bacon says, "My power is to be able to absorb energy and harness it and throw it back at whoever is trying to use that energy against me." RELATED: 'X-Men: First Class': First Reviews Say Prequel Is 'a Huge Home Run'

5. Emma Frost: January Jones plays Shaw's henchwoman. "Her powers are twofold," she told MTV. "She has the mental capacity to read minds or control them, and then also, physically, she can change into a diamond form, which makes her physically indestructible." EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: January Jones Rocks Sexy Lingerie as Mutant Emma Frost in 'X-Men'

6. Angel Salvadore: Zoe Kravitz plays the go-go dancer with wings. She tells IGN Movies: "She starts out on the good side with Professor X and Magneto - they recruit her to be an X-Man, and then she switches to Sebastian Shaw's side to be in Hellfire. I think it's just a different approach to fighting for human equality. In this film it's Hellfire and the X-Men, but later it's Xavier and Magneto and someone compared it to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. They're really fighting for the same thing, but it's different approaches for how to get there. I think she just believes that the aggressive side is the right side."

7. Havoc: Lucas Till sprouts beams of destructive energy from his body and eyes. "In this movie, he’s found in confinement because he can’t control his powers and accidentally or intentionally has killed people. We leave that ambiguous. He’s a nice kid, but some things have happened and they haven’t been good. So he’s got a serious guard up in front, but he’s a hero on the inside," he has said.