'X-Men' Gay Marriage Proposal Original Art Offered for Sale

X-Men Ebay Art - P 2012
<p>X-Men Ebay Art - P 2012</p>
The splash page from "X-Men" no. 51 featuring superhero Northstar proposing to his boyfriend is being auctioned on EBay.

The splash page from X-Men no. 50 featuring the issue's controversial same sex marriage proposal is up for sale on EBay.

The image features the superhero Northstar on one knee proposing to his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu (who is not superpowered).

The auction is being conducted by the representative for artist Mike Perkins and includes his five preliminary sketches as well as the final drawing.

Marvel announced the engagement on The View in advance of the issue landing on newsstands on May 22. The wedding is expected to take place in issue 51, which will arrive in stores in late June.

Gay superheroes have been all the rage lately. DC Comics also made news by revealing that the original Green Lantern Alan Scott was gay.  Scott first appeared as Green Lantern in 1940, followed by better-known Green Lanterns like Hal Jordan. This version of Scott is a modern update that comes out of DC's "New 52" relaunch of its entire comics universe. The revelation that he is gay will be introduced in the comic Earth 2, which arrives on newsstands on June 6.

Earlier this year Archie Comics made news when it featured the same sex wedding of Kevin Keller (who was the first gay character in the Archie universe) and his partner, who he met in an army hospital while recovering from injuries he received serving in Iraq.

The conservative group One Million Moms has protested all three storylines. But despite the controversy, sales have been strong. Archie sold out and X-Men no. 50 has experienced strong initial sales and high re-orders from retailers.