'X-Men' Looks Under the Hood of the Sentinels

The latest tease for next year's "X-Men" movie is a peek at the inner-workings of the killer robots from "Days of Future Past."
20th Century Fox

The social media campaign for next year's X-Men: Days of Future Past continues. We've already seen the launch of a marketing campaign for Trask Industries, the movie's corporate villain -- headed up by Bolivar Trask, as played by Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage -- as well as had a sneak peek at a life-size Sentinel, the Trask-created mutant killing machines set to cause trouble in Bryan Singer's return to Fox's mutant superhero franchise. Now, schematics for the Sentinels have been tweeted to the world.

Described as an "exclusive look at our revolutionary Sentinel technology," the Sentinel head blueprint looks impressive, but lacks any specific info to tease details about the movie itself -- unless the information that the "visor style [is] variable only on Model S6" counts as a spoiler that I'm not quite recognizing.

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The schematic has the "Trask Industries" branding, and links to the Trask Industries website, where more information about the Sentinels can be found. With almost a year remaining before the movie's release, it'll be interesting to see whether Fox can keep pushing out as much in-universe content over the months ahead as they have in the last few weeks -- and, if they can, whether fans will know too much about the movie when it finally arrives in theaters.