'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Parody Trailer Mocks Superhero Prequel (Video)

The Wolverine
<p><strong>Opens</strong>: July 26</p> <p>After receiving an Oscar nomination for his role in last year&rsquo;s <em>Les Miserables</em>, <strong>Hugh Jackman</strong> returns in the title role of <em>The Wolverine</em>. The film centers on the clawed mutant as he travels to Japan where he must face an enemy capable of threatening his entire future.</p>
The 2009 film features a rushed backstory, fake-looking CGI claws and plenty of boring moments, according to the Honest Trailers team.

Hugh Jackman is preparing to sink his claws into another Wolverine movie. But the guys at Honest Trailers haven’t forgotten his first solo outing with the character: 2009’s poorly received X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Honest Trailers has released its take on the film, and there is plenty of material to work with. Among the team’s gripes: fake-looking CGI claws, fan-favorite Gambit getting just five minutes of screen time, and Wolverine’s epic military record being glossed over in favor of scenes with him cutting down trees and going on dates. (And don't get these guys started on Deadpool.)

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Fox's  X-Men Origins: Wolverine went on to earn more than $373 million at the global box office despite its poor reviews. Jackman returns as the mutant in The Wolverine on July 26, and also will play a part in next summer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Watch the Honest Trailer below, via Break Media’s Screen Junkies.