'X-Men' Star Ellen Page on Reluctance to Play Kitty Pryde, 'Beautiful' Reaction to Coming Out (Video)

On Tuesday's "Good Morning America," the actress also showed off her superpower, renaming Amy Robach's dog.
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Ellen Page

Along with the rest of her X-Men: Days of Future Past stars, Ellen Page is likely still basking in the glow of the film's success with critics and fans, who helped the title take in $302 million worldwide over Memorial Day weekend.

But years ago, before she appeared in 2006's The Last Stand, Page was reluctant to sign on as Kitty Pryde.

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In an interview that aired on Tuesday's Good Morning America, the actress said, "I had just graduated high school, and I had weirdly kind of taken some time off from acting and was just in a different space."

She added that she's thrilled she took on the role, and when she spoke to The Hollywood Reporter at Days of Future Past's New York premiere earlier this month, she said there was no hesitation about returning to the role for this film.

On GMA, Page also discussed her recent coming out.

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"The reaction's been really beautiful and I think it's been so beautiful because to me it's so indicative of the change that's happened and how society has evolved," Page said. "And I couldn't be more grateful for just the support I've had, and quite frankly for me, it was just pretty immediate and I felt like all this toxicity and worry and baggage that I was carrying just sort of vanished. I don't think I could even have anticipated how happy I feel."

Page also showed off her own superpower, renaming people's dogs, which she's been doing on Twitter and for select talk show hosts. On GMA, she renamed news anchor Amy Robach's dog "Brody," saying "I think his name should be 'Grapes.'"

Watch Page's full interview below.

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