'X-Men Trilogy' Gets the Honest Trailers Treatment (Video)

Ahead of the release of "Days of Future Past," here's a refresher on the first three movies in Fox's "X-Men" franchise -- as long as you're not a Brett Ratner fan.

With the X-Men: Days of Future Past release just days away, you might be thinking it’d be a good idea to revisit the original X-Men movie trilogy to help remember just where we left Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan in their eternal battle for the future of the mutant race.

Alternatively, you could let Honest Trailers do it for you.

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The latest release from the cinematic snark merchants looks back at X-Men, X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand with a viewpoint that’s part nerd-baiting (Asking why the general public doesn’t accept mutants like it does other superheroes is akin to asking why Lois Lane doesn’t recognize that Clark Kent is Superman at this point; they just don’t, and you have to accept it and move on) and part supremely nerdy. When the narration explains that Bryan Singer’s first two installments “proved comic book movies can be awesome,” but that Brett Ratner’s third movie “proved comic book movies can totally suck balls,” it’s simply giving voice to millions of hard-core fans who’ve thought the same thing for years.

That said, it’s hard to complain too much about anything that describes Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) as a character who releases her power through “stares,” and then goes to prove its point with numerous suitably stare-y clips.

Watch the video below, and feel relieved that you didn’t spend all that time watching the entire movies after all. X-Men: Days of Future Past premieres this Friday.